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About Us

Joe Morello began his construction career in 1974 and launched his own construction company in 1979 in Santa Maria, California (J.A. Morello Construction). For twenty-six years, Joe served companies throughout Southern California, specializing in a wide range of project types, including commercial & industrial facilities, space launch facilities, wineries, schools & universities and petroleum & nuclear facilities. Joe was an active member and also served as President of the Santa Maria Valley Contractors Association.


In late 2004, J.A. Morello Construction completed Grace Baptist Church in Santa Maria, CA, partnering with Building God’s Way for the first time. It was during this project that the Lord made it clear to Joe that it was time to use the gifts God had given him to transform from the world’s way of success into a Kingdom building form of significance.  

In 2005, the leadership of Building God’s Way invited Joe to become one of the original BGW builder partners covering the Intermountain West region.

BGW Headshots-Joe Morello-20150715-03 2.

Trusting in Him with a firm commitment to his faith, Joe relocated his business and his family to Utah and chose to dedicate the balance of his construction career to only Building God’s Way projects. Since that time, Joe has worked with dozens of ministry-based organizations throughout Utah and the Intermountain Region and has developed a unique understanding of faith-based projects. Joe has a heart for helping ministries build the vision God has given them, while being the best possible stewards of their resources. He continues to remain a committed BGW Builder and has become a valuable part of the BGW family, providing quality control review expertise to the BGW Architectural team and serving as a member of the national BGW Builder Advisory Board.


“I have been blessed to be able to stand alongside a great number of churches and schools throughout this country since that decision was made and I intend to do so as part of Building God’s Way for as long as I’m able to responsibly do so.” - Joe Morello


Joe and his wife Karen have been married for 43 years. Their daughter Heather is married to Zach Cozzens and together they have two daughters, Greta and Gwendolyn. Their son Matt is married to Anne and together they have a daughter, Phoebe, and a son, Tony. Both live in Northern Utah.

Our Mission & Vision

BGW's mission is to further God's Kingdom by translating the God-given vision for Christian organizations through an innovative, stewardship-driven approach that results in high quality, cost-effective buildings that become dynamic tools for ministry. As we work to accomplish this mission, we seek to honor God by impacting the lives of our clients, our employees, and the communities in which we work. We believe that God owns this business and we are simply His stewards for a season. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all we do in and through the business honors Him.

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